About Us

Nkel ® is a brand that recognizes its customers thanks to its continuous focus on R&D and design, offers its customers rich options, and offers not only products but also quality and assurance with its planned and programmed alternative product range.

While Nkel adapts to the latest trends, it guides the sector with its original products with designs prepared by anticipating future trends.

Our company, which produces its own designs in its own facilities with a completely textile and fashion oriented production approach, organizes its capacity in accordance with the demand and delivers on time without compromising its quality.

Our company, which continues on its way with the success of attention, precision and quality control assurance, is committed to meeting customer expectations while ensuring the quality of all its products.

Nkel Group aims to ensure sustainable business partnerships by keeping the quality-price balance at the optimum level with its customer-oriented approach that does not compromise on quality in all business areas.

Nkel ® continues to provide services in accordance with its goals and principles at every stage with 20 sales personnel in its own showroom and 120 employees in its production facilities.